Hi, My name is Amit Goyal. I am an economist.

I teach at Econ School

I am enthusiastic about learning. I love Math and Economics. I am a student of Computer programming and teacher of Economics. My research interests include Economic Theory, Game Theory, Operations Research and Economic Education.

I love to invest my time in creation of public goods.



  • If you're representing a company or an institution, we would like to extend an invitation to you to come to Econ School to hire the students for Full-time jobs, and internships. This year we have given admissions to students by conducting an entrance exam. Our students have gone through rigorous training in Economic Modelling, Optimisation, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics. They are also learning how to solve problems in R and Python. These students have either completed or are in the final year of their undergraduate degree. Most of these students have joined our program to prepare for the MA(Econ) entrances. While we strongly encourage students to study further, we would also like to give them an opportunity to get placed and work if they want to do so. In the past, many of our students have pursued higher studies in Economics from the top places in India or abroad and are currently working in the industry or academia. If you want to discuss this further or you are interested in hiring from us, please write to me - amit@econschool.in or call me - 9818517101.

  • At Econ School, our goal is to create resources for Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science education and make them accessible to a large number of interested students. Most of our resources are freely accessible - Forum, Online Courses, Class Materials, Videos etc. Through this initiative we want to provide students with the free resources and the direction so that they can excel in jobs, academics and life. If you are an educational institution or a company and you want to support us through course sponsorships or event sponsorships, please write to me - amit@econschool.in

  • If you're teaching Economics, Mathematics or Statistics in an undergraduate program, kindly support our initiative by letting your students know about our free resources. We would encourage interested students to join this Forum. Forum is freely accessible. It has hundreds of students from different universities learning from (and with) each other through problem solving and discussions.

Get in touch at amit@econschool.in