Hi, My name is Amit Goyal. I am an economist.

Welcome to my webpage! I am a teacher at Econ School with a love for Mathematics and Economics. My research interests include Economic Theory, Game Theory, Operations Research, and Economic Education.

I love to invest my time in creation of public goods:


Dear Representatives of Companies and Institutions,

We cordially invite you to visit Econ School and explore the opportunity of hiring our students for full-time jobs and internships. This year (2022-23), we have introduced an entrance exam as a criterion for admission of students. After successfully passing a demanding entrance examination, our students have undergone extensive training in various key areas such as Economic Modelling, Optimisation, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. They have also been trained in R and Python to effectively solve complex problems. Our students are either in their final year of undergraduate studies or have already completed their degrees.

While we encourage our students to pursue further studies in Economics, we also want to provide them with job opportunities if they are more inclined to do so. In the past, many of our students have pursued higher studies in Economics from top institutions in India and abroad and have excelled in both industry and academia.

If you are interested in hiring from our institution, please contact us at amit@econschool.in or call us at 9818517101 to discuss further.

Besides, I am also working as a freelance data scientist to assist you with your data needs. If you require any data-related assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at amit@econschool.in.

In addition to my freelance services, I also conduct workshops focused on data science and machine learning. My workshops aim to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in school and college and their practical applications in programming, data science, and machine learning algorithms. While I currently offer workshops in R and Python, I can also conduct similar workshops in Matlab. If you are interested in attending my future workshops, please fill out this form: https://www.econschool.in/apply/workshops, and I will keep you posted.

I also offer assessment tests for entry-level data scientist positions in organizations. If you are looking to hire data scientists, I can provide you with customized assessment tests to evaluate the skills of potential candidates. 

Moreover, I am also open to accepting assignments to conduct training workshops for entry-level data scientists.

Thank you for your interest in our work, and we hope that our services and resources will prove valuable to you.


Get in touch at amit@econschool.in